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In the 21st Century, being a college student or a millennial can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Millennials are more easily exposed than ever through the use of cellphones, tablets, TV, internet, and social media. Peer pressure, complex family dynamics, divorce, sexual exploration, sexual identity, as well as school and sports demands can easily flood young adults with some intense emotions. 


Also, if a young adult is adjusting to new family dynamics, struggling at school, and/or dealing with a break up, it could be difficult for the millennial to easily manage their emotions and find efficient coping skills. As a matter of fact, a lot of millennials tend to close up, avoid socialization, may become aggressive, easily frustrated, and sometimes defiant towards adults and other peers; causing them to feel even more overwhelmed, alone, helpless, and afraid.

In what way therapy can help a college students, teens, or young adults?

The goal of therapy for college students, millennials and young adults is to provide young adults with an opportunity to better understand their growing emotions, and to learn how to separate emotional reactions with clear and thoughtful reactions. Also, a safe therapy setting gives the young adult the space to explore “taboos” that they would feel uncomfortable talking about with parents and/or their own peers because of their fears of rejection, judgment, etc. 

Typical issues that college students, and young adults face in my practice in Century City, CA are:

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Managing anxiety

  • Sport Performance related issues

  • Exploring sexuality and gender identification issues

  • Finding constructive ways to manage their emotions

  • Working with the fears of feeling rejected and/or unloved

  • Working with frustrations of not feeling understood

  • Helping improve communication

  • Adjusting to new family dynamics (e.g., divorce, blended families) 

  • Improving the management of anger and frustration with their parents, with/at school, with/at others

  • Coping with bullying and peer pressure

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